A rare Pokemon caused chaos in Central Park as motorists stopped to catch it

The Pokemon Go phenomenon is sweeping the world and it seems that people are willing to stop everything they're doing to catch the little creatures.

That was the case in New York's Central Park on Friday night when hundreds of people flocked to catch a rare Vaporeon, while some motorists even stopped in the road to get out and catch it, causing traffic chaos.

It is a scene that has been playing out around the world since the augmented reality game was made available for mobile phone users earlier this month.

The game was officially launched in the UK on Thursday and has exploded in popularity, as players use their phone's GPS location data as they aim to catch virtual monsters as they roam the real world.

But it would appear that the creatures were able to roam free in the UK on Saturday afternoon as fans posted on social media about how the server was down.

Looks like everyone will have to go back inside...

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