Mastermind has had a makeover, but viewers complain that it's like watching Countdown


Mastermind has returned for a new series, but some viewers were not happy with the small tweaks bosses of the long-running quiz show have made.

The most noticeable change is a small graphic on the screen and 10 seconds of music to indicate that time is up. But the "Countdown noise" did not go down well with some.

Mastermind, the quiz against the clock, has been running since 1972 when it was presented by Magnus Magnusson.

The famous Mastermind chair  (BBC)
The famous Mastermind chair (BBC)

Contestants take a lonely walk into the spotlight and on to the black leather chair to answer a set of difficult questions.

A number who watched Wednesday night's episode on BBC Two, presented by John Humphrys, took to Twitter to have their say. It seems fans are of the opinion that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

A BBC spokesman said the show retains its format, but that the changes were made "to raise tension even further".

The spokesman added: "We're still Britain's toughest quiz and that won't change."