Kylie dies in David's arms leaving every single Corrie fan an emotional wreck


Lucky old Kylie and David: finally getting away from Coronation Street by upping sticks and moving to Barbados.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh yeah, that's right. The first law of soaps says that if you have optimism for the future, something terrible will definitely happen to you.

That, and it had been plastered all over the papers for weeks that Kylie was going to die.

So anyone who wasn't already in mourning was speculating about the details of Kylie's imminent demise.

Meanwhile the #GoodbyeKylie hashtag had got a few people's hopes up.

No such luck.

Back in Weatherfield, things were really looking up for Kylie and David. After an emotional confrontation, they even had Gail's blessing.

Kylie popped to the Rovers Return to buy a celebratory bottle of bubbly - and as she walked home from the pub she chatted happily to her beloved on the phone.

But what was that? Some sort of scuffle at the kebab shop? Kylie went off to investigate...

And what should she see there but her mate Gemma being attacked by thuggish ne'er-do-well Clayton?

She had to intervene. It didn't go well. Clayton had a knife.

Look at Craig in the background. Mate, do something, yeah?

If only she'd gone straight home after nipping to the Rovers.

Come to think of it, why was she even there in the first place?

Given the death was trailed as a first in the world of soap, some viewers were resolutely unimpressed.

And with that, it was break time...

If the first half was a tad underwhelming, the second was anything but.

There was no zombie return, but there were buckets of tears and some very fine acting from Paula Lane and Jack P Shepherd as David kept Kylie talking while they waited for the ambulance.

It was emotional stuff - all the more so because Kylie kept making little jokes to try and keep David's spirits up.

But where the hell was that ambulance?

As the ambulance rounded the corner and Kylie was slipping away she told David to look after the kids.

"If they had to lose one of us, I'm glad it was me," she said - and that was just too much for anyone to take.

David let out a blood-curdling scream as it became clear Kylie wasn't going to make it.

People were calling for awards for the two actors.

But Jack Shpeherd already had the big prize - the guarantee of being a regular gif on Twitter for the rest of time.

Too soon, guys. Too soon.

All that was left was for David to explain what was happening to the kids.

And with that, we were all left to try and get on with our lives as if nothing happened.

We won't forget you, Kylie.