Twitter was full of admiration for the young parents on Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital


Episode six of a Channel 4 documentary series filmed inside Birmingham Children's Hospital was titled Growing Up Fast - it focused on young people who suddenly find themselves looking after a poorly child.

Tom and Jessica's baby Isla suffers from a condition that there are fewer than 10 cases a year of.

We learned how the hospital was getting ready to prepare Isla for artificial eyes after she was born without them having properly formed. But it's a six week process and a four hour round trip for her parents for every visit to Birmingham.

And people on Twitter really admired the strength all the parents in the documentary showed throughout.

Later on in the episode, we learnt how Isla's operation went.

The show also showed us how two months since being given artificial eyes, a play therapist was teaching Jessica how to help Isla live in a world without sight.

baby Isla
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

Meanwhile, another baby - Jensen - was cured of Hunters disease after having the hospital's first stem cell transplant.

And viewers were very emotional when we saw doctors tell Jensen's inspirational mum Jasmin that his transplant had worked, especially after he'd suffered severe and worrying complications.

(Adam Lawrence/Channel 4)