This new ice cream van looks amazing - but it's adults only


A new adult-only ice cream van is hitting the streets this summer - and best of all it's free!

The boozy ice creams even come with a bouncer to make sure the kids don't interrupt the fun.

The Ice Cream Bar with its bouncer.
(Luke Small/DB Photographic Solutions)

Flavours range from the IcePA, a beer Mr Whippy in a pork scratching cone, to the Vodka Martini, a vodka sorbet with olive flavoured hundreds and thousands.

For the more adventurous customer there is the Tequila Sorbet and the intriguing Bacon and Bourbon - bacon flavoured ice cream with a shot of bourbon.

The IcePA ice cream
(Garry Maclenna/Warner Leisure Hotels)

Tim Elliott, who was one of the first customers to try the Ice Cream Bar, said: "Because I'm a Lancashire lad, the IcePA was definitely my favourite. I love a pint, and I love ice cream... so the two combined was right up my street."

Warner Leisure Hotels, who organises adult-only holidays, launched the van.

The Ice Cream Bar.
(Luke Small/DB Photographic Solutions)

To see where the Ice Cream Bar will be stopping this summer, keep an eye on the Warner Leisure Hotels Facebook and Twitter pages where the next stop will be announced each morning using the hashtag #GrownUpIceCream.