Sylvester Stallone challenges adorable toddler to a boxing match


A video of a toddler mimicking Sylvester Stallone's moves while watching a clip of the training montage in Rocky II has won praise from the US actor.

The video posted on Facebook by his father shows nappy-wearing Charlie Magilavy of Ohio doing press-ups and pretending to work a speed bag, chop wood and lift weights in sync with the big screen boxer.

The video has received millions of views online and Sylvester reposted it to Instagram on Wednesday, writing, "This kid makes me so proud that it touches a heart so young."

He joked that he'll take on the toddler in a match in a few years time after being wowed by his moves.

"Maybe I have to fight him and (in) ROCKY 10 !!!" he teased.

Sylvester has starred as Rocky in seven films (AP/PA)
Sylvester has starred as Rocky in seven films (AP/PA)

Sylvester earned a Golden Globe earlier this year for reprising his most famous role as Rocky Balboa in last year's Creed, the seventh in the series.

That only gives Charlie two more films to get ready for his debut. Better get practising!