Some genius autotuned animal noises to the tune of Chop Suey by System of a Down and it's perfect


Someone with very serious autotune skills has managed to do the unthinkable; they have recreated the whole of Chop Suey by System of a Down using only animal noises and a little backing track.

Going where no musician has gone before, someone known only as Insane Cherry uploaded the video on Monday and it's got a pretty impressive reception online so far. The clip has racked up more than five million views, 52,000 likes and 94,000 shares.

Insane Cherry - Timeline | Facebook

If that didn't convince you that Insane Cherry should have replaced David Cameron as Prime Minister instead of Theresa May, perhaps the Game of Thrones theme tune covered by animals will persuade you.

Insane Cherry - Timeline | Facebook

Or maybe Evanesence's Bring Me to Life will do the trick?

Insane Cherry - Timeline | Facebook

There are so many more over on Insane Cherry's Facebook page so if you want to admire the autotune wizardry as much as we do.