Mr Robot director Sam Esmail spills on series two's new characters


Mr Robot returns for season two in a dramatic two-parter, dealing with the aftermath of fsociety's hack that sent the global financial market into freefall.

Rami Malek and Christian Slater are back as Elliot Alderson and Mr Robot, although at the end of last series, it was revealed Mr Robot was just a figment of Elliot's subconscious.

Rami Malek and Christian Slater return in Mr Robot (Peter Kramer/USA Network)
Rami Malek and Christian Slater return in Mr Robot (Peter Kramer/USA Network)

Now seen holed up in his mother's house, the hacker has "ostracised himself from society" and has lost his faith in the audience.

Creator and director Sam Esmail explained: "He doesn't trust us as much and he's very blunt about it. He has this feeling that we knew something that he didn't in the first season - about the true nature of Mr Robot.

"And so he doesn't want to hear it from us. If we disagree, he doesn't care."

It's been revealed that Mr Robot is just inside Elliot's head (Peter Kramer/USA Network)
It's been revealed that Mr Robot is just inside Elliot's head as the two hole up in his mother's house (Peter Kramer/USA Network)

In the new series of the Amazon Prime show, viewers will finally see exactly what happened during series one's time jump, when fsociety initiated their hack on Evil Corp.

With the economy left in tatters following the cataclysmic attack, law enforcement comes seeking justice. Enter new character "Dom" DiPierro.

Sam said: "This crime of the millennium has happened and it felt like now we needed to introduce the law enforcement side of our world.

"Grace Gummer plays this mid-level field agent named Dominique DiPierro in the cybercrime division who finds herself involved with our characters pretty quickly."

Despite locking himself away at his mother's, Elliot will make two new friends in his neighbourhood this series that he'll come to rely on in exile.

Sam continued: "Craig Robinson plays this mysterious local named Ray who befriends Elliot and empathises with him. As to his true nature, we're kind of leaving that as a mystery right now...

"Joey Bada$$ plays this character, Leon - it's kind of like a buddy comedy when they're on the screen together. He's a close companion to Elliot.

"In the beginning of the second season, Elliot has sort of ostracised himself from society and Leon is the one person he keeps in contact with while he's in exile."

The first episode was "leaked" as a surprise by American distributor USA Network three days ahead of broadcast but quickly pulled back down.

In the brief time it was available, fans who watched it on social media gave thumbs-up reviews of the new series.

Luckily for them, Sam has said that he expected the show to last "either four or five seasons" so there's plenty of storyline to come.

Season two of Mr Robot is available on Amazon Prime from July 14.