Toddler grills Kim Kardashian about why she's famous


Kim Kardashian must have been a bit lost for words when she was interviewed by a small child who asked why she was famous.

We all know that the reality TV star has made a big name for herself by breaking the internet with racy images of her ample curves, but we're guessing she didn't want to share that with the tot.

Kim Kardashian at the Webbys
Kim Kardashian (Andy Kropa/AP/PA)

Kim, 35, was asked about her fame by her friend's son as someone recorded their conversation, and she shared the video on Snapchat.

The little boy asked the star why she was on the front of magazines and she replied: "I don't know, because I like magazines!"

He then quizzed the mum-of-two further, asking why she was famous, and she admitted: "How am I famous? That's up for question too!"

Maybe Kim should have told him about her latest magazine cover - Forbes.

The star is on the cover, with barely any flesh on show, for making a fortune through her video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and tweeted fans about it: