James May has some suggestions for Theresa May's Britain - and the people have responded with their own


Lots of people are wondering what it looks like behind the scenes right now as the final preparations are made for the passing of the prime minister-shaped baton from David Cameron to Theresa May.

They've also been puzzling about what's in store for us in #MaysBritain using the hashtag on Twitter.

Initial thoughts (based on the concrete evidence of bad luck and coincidence) are that it isn't looking good.

But then former Top Gear presenter James May decided to join in with the conversation and use the hashtag (note the double May pun) to make some fairly reasonable requests for the future of our country.

People then came up with their own culinary and literary policies they'd like to see implemented.

As well as other more Top Gear topical suggestions.

Basically, who knows what the future holds - but that might be the last time we can say that.