Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling return in dreamy new trailer for La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have appeared in the delectable first teaser trailer for their new film La La Land, and fans are going wild at a chance to see them together again.

The actors, who have appeared in two movies together - Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011 and Gangster Squad in 2013 - look set to have their most romantic union yet in the forthcoming effort from the director of 2014's critically-acclaimed Whiplash, Damien Chazelle.

A modern taken on a Hollywood musical, the colourful and dreamy short clip opens with Ryan's character (an undeniably handsome jazz pianist called Sebastian) whistling and singing along to original song City Of Stars.

Emma is seen looking typically beautiful in an array of flattering dresses and wearing a huge, beaming smile at every opportunity. She takes on the role of Mia, an aspiring actress, and La La Land follows the heart-warming journey she and Sebastian take while they both try to make it big in their respective industries.

Without dialogue, the montage-like trailer invites film fans into the seemingly beautiful world of Hollywood and the gorgeous twosome's fledgling relationship, as well as giving them a hint at the music that is set to come.

It's no surprise that Gosling's admirers have lost their minds over his singing voice and his gorgeousness - as well as the stunning cinematography - with plenty taking to Twitter to express their gratitude for the teaser.

The film also stars musician John Legend, Whiplash star JK Simmons and The Big Short's Finn Wittrock, and is set to open the Venice Film Festival on August 31 before being released in cinemas in December.

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