Big Brother's annihilation week has claimed another victim and fans are not happy


Lateysha Grace has become the latest Big Brother housemate to be evicted after a shock cash twist on Wednesday night's show.

Fellow housemate Jason Burrill won £20,000 of the £100,000 prize fund in the annihilation week task which sealed Lateysha's fate.

Big Brother assembled everyone in front of podiums and said the first person to hit the buzzer after the button was activated would win the cash.

Big Brother's housemates during their task (Channel 5)
Big Brother's housemates during their task (Channel 5)

But Jason's victory came at a price - he had to select someone for eviction. The businessman said he was booting out the unlucky contestant for tactical reasons before adding that the person was popular and more likely to win.

After picking Lateysha, formerly a cast member of MTV reality show The Valleys, the remaining housemates angrily turned on him.

The tearful TV star insisted she was "fine" and said she was a better person than Jason.

Lateysha Grace (Channel 5)
Lateysha Grace (Channel 5)

He tried to justify his decision - even referring to Lateysha leaving her daughter to sign on for the show, but his housemates would not listen to him.

Big Brother's annihilation week is putting friendships to the ultimate test by forcing the housemates to choose who stays and who goes. Fans who had their say on Twitter were not impressed with Jason.

Not Lateysha!

Jason played the game