BBC admits it mistakenly claimed old YouTube clip was live on Peter Snow's Trainspotting show


The BBC has admitted to airing old YouTube footage and accidentally claiming it was live.

The mistake, which the broadcaster attributed to the "excitement" of a live show, happened during the first episode of Trainspotting Live.

Peter Snow and Hannah Fry
Presenters Peter Snow and Hannah Fry (BBC)

The programme was part one of a three-part series about the British pastime, which shows the live passing of notable trains.

Describing the Class 66 freight, hailed as "the star of the show", presenter Peter Snow appeared to suggest that he was witnessing the train passing on live television.

The Class 66
The Class 66 (BBC)

He said: "We've just seen one going past. Now there we are, Class 66."

However, some viewers noticed the same footage had been posted on YouTube earlier this year.

A BBC spokeswoman for the programme said: "This was a simple mistake. It was made clear from the beginning of the programme that rail enthusiasts have been collecting and filming material over the last few weeks.

"The footage of the Class 66 was intended to show viewers what the live trainspotters were looking out for.

"It was not captioned as live on screen to viewers, but in the excitement of a live broadcast, it was mistakenly suggested that it was a live spot."

Sam Burnett, acting director of Mediawatch UK, said: "It speaks volumes that the BBC can't even show clips of trains without getting it wrong. It's a trusted national broadcaster and needs to take its role more seriously."

The third episode of Trainspotting Live will be broadcast on BBC Four at 8pm on Wednesday.