What if selfies had never existed?


Selfies. Used by the Kardashians to prop up their careers, everyday folk to prove they've been to the gym, and Snapchat users for EVERYTHING.

The much-maligned word entered the Oxford English dictionary in 2013 after smartphones enabled a whole new level of narcissism with their handy cameras and fast upload ability.

Just for fun, let's imagine a world where the humble selfie never existed. That's what Twitter is doing right now, using the hashtag #ifselfiesneverexisted to express their feelings on the subject.

We'd still be using more conventional methods of snapping ourselves.

Whole words would never have been invented.

As well as the dastardly selfie stick.

What is considered normal behaviour would be different

The trend has also led us to revisit some of the best viral selfies of the last few years.

Who wouldn't like selfies when they resulted in these hilarious photos?