See the photo proving the Ghostbusters reboot hasn't ruined childhoods


With a single photo, a woman has proved the all-female Ghostbusters reboot hasn't ruined any childhoods.

Many people have criticised the new film - which sees Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones star as the new ghost-busting quartet - for "ruining" their childhood, yet journalist Lauren Duca has shared an eye-opening snap that proves otherwise.

The photo sees Wiig greeting two young girls dressed as Ghostbusters on the red carpet of the film's Hollywood premiere, both of whom are gazing in awe and admiration at the actress. No childhoods ruined there.

Brushing off critics who'd complained about the all-female line-up, Wiig said: "It's really sad that people felt that way, in combination with actually not listening to it.

"We knew we were making the movie in the spirit of the first two, with the people who made the first two. People need to stop being so mean."

Fans dressed in costume cheer at the Los Angeles premiere of Ghostbusters
(Jordan Strauss/AP/PA)

The film's trailer became the most disliked in YouTube's history, attracting more than 900,000 dislikes and only 265,000 likes when it was released earlier this year.