Millie Mackintosh body shamed for hairy legs


When Millie Mackintosh posted a photo from her holiday in a French ski resort we weren't expecting to see an argument about body shaming and feminism.

But that's exactly what happened when the reality star posted a photo of her legs on Instagram.

One user wrote: "How hairy are her thighs?"

Another, named Kelah O'Neil, wrote: "She didn't shave her legs uh oh she's losing my brownie points."

Lorna Barlow simply posted: "Hairy dog legs."

Millie Mackintosh arriving at the Julien MacDonald show taking place during London Fashion Week SS16/
(Edward Smith/PA)

Most of the posts supported Millie, with many women saying they didn't shave their thighs either.

One wrote: "Seriously, some of you need to take a long, hard, serious look in the mirror and sort yourselves out!!!! Women tearing down other women. Gross."

Comments from Instagram users.

Don't worry Millie, we don't shave that high either.