Fans leap to Victoria Beckham's defence after she kisses daughter Harper on the lips


Fans have leapt to Victoria Beckham's defence after she was pictured kissing daughter Harper on the lips.

The former Spice Girl and fashion designer came in for criticism when she shared an image for Harper's fifth birthday on Sunday, writing: "Happy Birthday baby girl... We all love you so much... kisses from mummy."

After the image sparked a reaction on social media, Instagram user lucylong36 wrote: "What a gorgeous pic don't listen to ridiculous idiots they are the strange ones I kiss my kids all the time and my little niece!!! Beautiful mummy and little girl."

claraelsiesparkles chimed in: "I kiss all my 4 children on the lips from my 16yo down to my 7mo. Nothing sexual about it at all."

Another, keighley1287, commented: "Its a joke shes just being a normal loving mum there is absolutley nothing wrong with her giving her daughter a quick kiss on the lips. People are being truly ridiculous u can see she truly loves and cares for her little girl."

danimac101 wrote: "I can't believe people are giving her abuse over showing her daughter affection and teaching her how to love and be affectionate with others. What is the world coming to? There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your child."

Others posted images of them kissing their children on the lips in solidarity.

@Janebuffoni posted: "@victoriabeckham me and my friends have changed our FB profile pics to kissing our kids in support."