David Cameron's best moments as Prime Minister in pictures...sort of


Things may have gone a bit awry for David Cameron since the Brexit vote and, as the removal vans have started to park up outside Number 10, we thought we should take him back to some of his happier times as Prime Minister.

Who could forget the time he and his wife Sam shared a beer each on holiday in Spain. What a delicious cold beverage.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, left, and his wife Samantha
(Neil Hall/AP/PA)

There was a time when Dave was enjoying running the country so much that he was literally flying.

At the weekend he got to hang out court-side and watch Andy Murray claim his second Wimbledon title. Afterwards Murray said that Cameron had the "impossible job".

Murray was probably right and after announcing his intention to stand down, after six years, Cameron has shown signs of loosening up a bit and not worrying what anyone thinks. How else could you explain these sunnies?

Speaking of ball sports, Cameron showed the type of determination Murray would have been proud of when he played badminton one time.

David Cameron playing badminton
(Chris Helgren/PA)

And there was this *intense* game of table tennis with Obama. (Kudos to the schoolgirl who seemed completely unfazed by the sight of two of the world's most powerful men engaging in a spot of ping pong in her school hall).

US president Barack Obama, left, and Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron play table tennis
(Paul Hackett/AP/PA)

There was the time he updated us on his call log.

Before launching a boy band with the Chinese prime minister and Premier League footballer Sergio Aguero.

And then split to join One Direction.

When he showed why Sam let him read to the kids at bedtime.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron reads a book to Lucy Howarth, 6, and Will Spibey, 5
(Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/PA)

When he was spotted on an easyjet flight before tucking into a tub of Pringles...

And last but not least, when he was caught humming immediately after his official resignation.

Good luck in the future Dave!

David Cameron
(David Jones/PA)