Watch Tom Hiddleston fend off questions about Taylor Swift as the loved-up couple hit Australia


Tom Hiddleston has fended off questions about girlfriend Taylor Swift - in the politest way possible.

As Hiddleswift mania hits, many fans are still trying to figure out the romance, which has gone from zero to 60 in a matter of weeks.

Shortly after Taylor and Calvin Harris broke up, the pop star was pictured canoodling with Tom - and by July 4 he was wearing a top with the slogan "I heart T.S." They have also made their Instagram debut as a loved-up couple.

But during their romantic getaway to Australia, Tom fended off a determined local journalist asking: "How is Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?"

The Night Manager star thought for a bit before responding: "I'm - er - I'm not going to answer that, if that's all right."

Remaining tight-lipped he diplomatically answered the question "what are you and your girlfriend looking forward to doing on the Gold Coast?" with "I don't know. It's just good to be back."

Tom then launched into a jog, returning to the hotel an hour later to find fans waiting for him. The 35-year-old Brit posed for photos and signed autographs... but did not mention Taylor's name.