People paid far too much attention to Jeremy Paxman's hair on the return of University Challenge


There was only one question on everyone's mind as the new series of University Challenge arrived on our screens: What on earth has happened to Jeremy Paxman's hair?!

jeremy paxman on the show (Screengrab/BBC Two)
(Screengrab/BBC Two)

Some people thought his new slightly longer look was crying out for a trim.

While others found some positives in the change.

Then they got creative and thought he looked like a lot of different things.

The new *do* proved rather distracting from the actual real questions on the show.

Believe it or not, this actually wasn't the first time Paxman's hair has been a serious topic of conversation - back in 2013 it was the hair on his face that caused the meltdown, even prompting the man himself to make a statement.

So we look forward to the latest statement and other inevitable event that will follow...