Neighbours' Lucy Robinson returns to the soap at a crucial time for Lassiters


Neighbours will welcome Lucy Robinson back to Ramsay Street this month as Australian actress Melissa Bell reprises the role for which she is now best known.

Melissa, the third person to play the famous Robinson character, first popped up in Neighbours back in 1991. She has made several returns over the years.

In the Australian soap, which is broadcast on Channel 5, Lucy makes her appearance at a crucial time because her big brother Paul, played by Stefan Dennis, is scheming yet again.

Melissa Bell and Stefan Dennis in Neighbours (Channel 5)
Melissa Bell and Stefan Dennis in Neighbours (Channel 5)

Paul wants to take over Lassiters, but will anyone be able to stop him?

Fans got their first look at Lucy in 1985 when she was a little girl played by Kylie Flinker.

Actress Sasha Close took over the role from 1987 until 1989, with Melissa cast two years later.

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis (Channel 5)
Neighbours star Stefan Dennis (Channel 5)

As a character, Lucy has been involved in a number of high profile storylines including substance abuse, fighting a brain tumour and fertility issues.

Melissa, 43, will be seen on screen in Neighbours on July 26, five months after a personal tragedy of her own.

Gary Dickinson, her husband of 15 years, was taken off life support in February after suffering a brain injury following a heart attack.

Melissa Bell in her role as Lucy Robinson (Channel 5)
Melissa Bell in her role as Lucy Robinson (Channel 5)

On Australia's The Morning Show, the mum-of-four discussed his death, saying she had wanted to keep him alive in the hope he would make a full recovery.

"I just hung on to the end, advocating what Gary would have wanted and being his voice," she said.

Melissa has three children from her marriage to Gary. She has one child from a previous relationship.