Big Brother 2016: A shock eviction stirs the housemates as they're forced to choose who to send packing


Friendships, loyalties and honesty were put to the test as Big Brother housemates were forced to choose one of their own to send packing as part of the brutal Annihilation Week.

Big Brother gathered its residents in the living room to break the shocking news, explaining: "Housemate numbers will be decimated, but there are no public votes. Who survives is down to you. Over the coming days, Big Brother will set a number of tasks that you will all take part in. Each will end with the most serious consequence of all for one person."

The housemates were then locked in the "deliberation room" to collectively decide which person would lose their position in the house - and boy, was it a brutal task.

Each resident were given a chance to make an impassioned plea and persuade their fellow housemates to save them from elimination, before going round the table and each giving the name of the person they'd like to see leave.

Big Brother
(Channel 5)

Laura, Evelyn and Jayne each received one nomination each, while Hughie collected two and Chelsea racked up seven sealing his fate as the fifth evictee of the series.

"Whether I'm in or I'm out, it's fine by me. There's a lot more people here that are more keen and more deserving of the process," Chelsea told his housemates.

Chelsea had 30 minutes to pack his bags and say his goodbyes, exiting the Big Brother house through the Diary Room, having been denied the usual electric eviction night.