Tina Malone wants to get pregnant at 53


Tina Malone has revealed she would like another baby at the age of 53.

The Shameless actress, who had daughter Flame in December 2013 after undergoing IVF, said although many of her friends and family think she would be "insane" to do it, she is keen on expanding her family.

She told the Sunday Mirror: "I'm planning to be pregnant by January and I feel so excited and exhilarated about it, I can't even tell you."

Tina, who transformed her body after having a gastric band fitted and surgery to remove excess skin, admitted her husband Paul, 34, is worried about the health ­implications of another pregnancy.

Tina Malone at the Baftas
Tina Malone (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

She explained: "He says, 'You're not putting your body under that trauma again, you had pre-eclampsia the last two times and that can kill.'

"And 80% of my friends and family are saying, 'No, you'd be insane, don't do it'.

"But I proved with all the surgery I had last year just how resilient I am."

Tina, who also has a daughter in her 30s, said she is now fitter and healthier than she was a decade ago.

She went on: ""The main bone of contention with the public is I'm too old. But I'm 53 going on 23.

"And sleepless nights? Sleeping's for losers. If you sleep more than eight hours you're lazy. I used to sit there waiting for Flame to wake up. It's all worth it for the joy you get from a child."