Wimbledon 2016: Beyonce watched the final from Serena Williams' box and nobody could handle it


Serena Williams is the undisputed Queen of Centre Court - but as she took on Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon final, there was someone else threatening to take her crown.

Beyonce and Jay Z were watching on from Serena's box alongside most of the Williams family - so, naturally, everyone's attention was split between the stands and the tennis.

Beyonce and Serena are friends of course - the tennis star appeared in Lemonade on the video for Sorry.

That got people's hopes up.

Of course, Beyonce had somewhere to be - she was scheduled to play a show in Dublin within hours of the tennis finishing.

Mostly though, it was an excuse to make this joke.

And one tennis writer spotted the opportunity for a few other puns as well.

It's without doubt the coolest Wimbledon final there's ever been - and anyone who says otherwise is a beautiful liar.