Watch a car drive down stairs and somehow come out completely unscathed


Cars do not usually drive down stairs. This is because their wheels are made for rolling along flat surfaces and not down pointy and potentially very dangerous stairs. Everybody knows this, it's just a fact of life.

But one car spotted in the German city of Saarlouis decided to bend those rules. He just wanted to live his dream of going down stairs like humans with legs do. He wished, and so he did.

Björn Knorst - Wurde heute in Saarlouis gesichtet. Einfach... | Facebook

Viewers might be interested to note the flat road to the vehicle's right, providing a completely stair-free route to the road. We wouldn't recommend that you try this at home, or in any public place either for that matter, but it is pretty crazy to watch.

Someone call Jeremy Clarkson and the gang, they've got competition.