This guy ate a 153-year-old Civil War cracker so you didn't have to


One of the weirdest food reviews that could possibly exist has emerged on the internet, the subject of which has been preserved for over 150 years.

YouTube user Steve1989 MREinfo put his tastebuds to the test, trialling a cracker from the American Civil War made in 1863.

Unwrapping the plastic, Steve concedes the hardtack smells like "old moth balls and library books" before breaking off a piece to confirm it too tastes like dusty novels.

Steve explains crackers from the era - we're talking 153 years ago - were usually made from flour, water and a pinch of salt. They were cheap to produce and could last for years making them the perfect snack for soldiers.

Army members weren't the only ones nibbling on the hardtackes though, as they were supposedly prone to get infested by maggots. To combat the creepy crawlies, Steve explains soldiers used to drop the crackers in cups of coffee to separate the maggots from their meal as the bugs would float to the top.

The cracker
(Steve1989 MREinfo/YouTube)

After the first few bites Steve's teeth could take no more and he attempted to dunk the cracker in his coffee to see if it would soften up.

If you're wondering, it did - but at the expense of the taste.