There was a full rabbit carcass on Celebrity MasterChef and viewers were grossed out


One of the problems with watching MasterChef is that quite often you become instantly hungry - even if you've just had dinner.

That wasn't the case for a number of viewers who tuned in for Friday night's Celebrity MasterChef after they were soon confronted with a full rabbit's carcass in the opening round of the 90-minute programme.

For those people that watched on they were richly entertained - mostly by the fact Sid Owen decided to make bread and butter pudding... twice.

After delivering an underwhelming desert alongside Paralympian Liz Johnson when they teamed up for the mass catering task, the former EastEnders actor decided to have another crack at it when he cooked for the final judges.

The thing is - it really worked second time round to help Sid earn a semi-final place.

It was a great save from Sid after rivals Louise Minchin and Tina Malone had performed far better during the earlier tasks.

They combined expertly, even though they didn't appear to be the perfectly-suited team, as their cheesecake and mushroom vegetarian option especially proved a hit.

In the end Louise joined Sid in winning a place in the semi-final.