Read how this hilarious police officer tried to tackle drug dealers on Facebook


Drug crime is hard to tackle, but one police officer came up with an inventive new way to solve the problem.

"Evening folks," wrote the police officer.

"After a few days leave I'm feeling generous. Competition time! Are you dealing drugs in the Craigavon area? If so, call in to Lurgan station, and enter a free draw for a new house." But there's a catch...

PSNI Craigavon

The hilarious post, uploaded by the Northern Irish Police Service Craigavon, received 2,900 likes and more than 180 comments in less than 12 hours, but not all of them were positive.

Facebook users complained that the police should be doing other things than posting on Facebook, with one writing: "Wise up you're not a comedian."

A comment from a Facebook user criticising the police.

The police reply to criticisms on Facebook.

But the police replied saying: "We've caught burglars off the back of social media posts. We've helped gather information on countless illegal activities, from dangerous driving to murder.

"Yes, occasionally we will post stuff which is angled more towards humour than traditional police work. But look at this one for example. Over 150 extra page followers since the post went out.

"That's over 150 extra people will see crime prevention advice, information appeals and missing person pictures when they go out. Surely that's a no brainer to see the value in?"

Comments from Facebook users.

We for one say hats off the police for giving us a chuckle.