Flaviu the lynx is still on the run and some locals are handling the situation better than others


In case you missed the news, there's a lynx on the loose in Devon after the animal chewed through a board in the wall at its enclosure at Dartmoor Zoological Park.

Flaviu made his escape on Thursday morning, triggering a search operation involving a police helicopter and a drone. Despite the huge search effort he's managed to evade capture, and some locals seem to be handling the situation better than others.

Chris Brown - Spotted earlier this evening near Dartmoor! | Facebook

Flaviu may have done a runner, but residents have retained a firm grasp on their sense of humour. Many have claimed to have located the lynx, sharing photos of their find nestling in the grass - though the last time we checked, wildcat's didn't look like cans of men's antiperspirant.

Jamie Chorley - Dartmoor Lynx, spotted in Exmouth !!

David Jenkin - Just spotted the Lynx that escaped from... | Facebook

Experts hunting for an escaped wildcat say they are confident the animal will be returned "soon".

Updating followers on Twitter, a zoo spokesman said: "Hoping Flaviu will enter one of our humane traps soon, tempted by the tasty meat & be home soon.

"Our staff are working very hard around the clock to get Flaviu home so we have decided not to open today. Apologies for any inconvenience."