Woman bizarrely insults Taylor Swift by comparing her to a ham sandwich and annoys everyone on the internet


Who knew comparing someone to a ham sandwich could be so damn unsavoury? No one. But somehow Twitter user (or "wife, mother and Christian," to quote her bio) Jennifer Mayers has managed to turn everyone's staple primary school lunch into an insult, and the internet isn't happy about it.

It's no secret that Taylor Swift has a habit of moving on from her romantic partners pretty quickly, and that's a fact that hasn't escaped Jennifer, who compared Tay-Tay's vajay-jay to a hammy roll.

Swift fans and impartial observers alike voiced a mixture of reactions.

Some were confused.

Some were concerned.

Some just wanted to educate Jennifer.

Others are concerned about Jennifer's food family.

Although the original tweet was posted back in June, it didn't pick up traction until yesterday. Earlier today Jennifer sought to clarify her original tweet, and things got even weirder.

Some have questioned whether Jennifer is an elaborate ruse, as other tweets and blog posts are so outrageously offensive that one has to wonder whether she's a troll. Either way, it's worth noting that ham and sex have nothing to do with the shape of vaginas. Let this be a lesson to us all; save the ham for Hawaiian pizzas and save yourself the bother on Twitter.