Love Island: a lie detector test brings tears for Alex and Olivia


Thursday night's episode of Love Island was drama central (but then again, when is that villa ever void of someone crying?) as the boys took on a lie detector test. The girls got to pick the questions for their respective lads.

It was all going so smoothly, until Olivia's questions came up. Prior to the test, she said "The boys are very nervous and I feel like the girls don't really want to know the answers. It's going to be funny, but a bad funny. If the boys answer the wrong way, there's going to be tantrums. I haven't gone in hard (with my questions) but I haven't given him an easy ride. I think Alex needs to squirm a little bit."

And squirm he did.

The questions he was asked were:

Are your feelings real towards Olivia? Alex said "Yes", but the detector said it was a lie.

Is Olivia silly to trust you? Alex answered "No" and the detector claimed it was a lie.

Do you find any girl in the villa more attractive than Olivia? Answering "No", the detector alleged that Alex was lying.

Do you see a future with Olivia? Alex said "Yes", but once again the lie detector said he was lying.

Awkward! Alex really wasn't happy about the test results either, shedding a few tears in the process, but no one was more upset than a very stroppy Olivia.

Olivia asked her boo: "What am I meant to say to Alex? Where am I going to go from here? I'm so angry. There wasn't even one thing to reassure me."

Alex composed himself and took Olivia to one side to try to reassure her about the results. Alex told her: "I don't wanna see you upset man. All I'm bothered about is me and you. I know how I feel. I've come out of there and got teary eyed, it takes a lot for me to be like that. If I didn't care about you, it wouldn't get me upset."

The pair made up in the end, to the delight of viewers.

N'aww. Only a few episodes of the show remain before the winner is crowned, so we're keen to see whether Alex's lie test mishap will hinder the couple in becoming Love Island King and Queen. Only time will tell!