Twitter really enjoyed working out what Sid Owen's glasses were for on Celebrity MasterChef


Celebrity MasterChef's budding chefs in this episode were Sid Owen, Tina Malone, Liz Johnson, Louise Minchin and Amy Childs.

They rustled up a variety of successful and not-so-successful dishes this week, but all viewers on Twitter could talk about was Sid Owen's glasses.

Their statement shape and purple shade made people wonder if they had a specific purpose.

Sid Owen wearing unusual spectacles (Screengrab/BBC)

Were they 3D?



Johnny Depp impressionist?

(Masterchef & Chris PIzello/AP)
(MasterChef & Chris PIzello/AP)

Even Sid was confused


Either way, some of us thought he looked hot.

And the unusual specs obviously helped him get through to the next round.

The group of contestants stand together (Screengrab/BBC)

Maybe he'll reveal what they are really for in the next episode. Fingers crossed!