There's actually a Facebook group for wheelie bins leaning on their lids


We ought to have learned our lesson by now. If you can think of it, there's a Facebook group for it.

But wheelie bins leaning in a very specific way may be a step too far.

The Facebook page (Screengrab/Facebook)

The Bin Lid Stands group was set up in 2014, originating in the land of the upside-down, Australia. It takes member submissions of bins in this dramatic pose and shares them with its 50,221 followers.
i like it

From big bins to small bins, recycling to food waste, no posing bin is left unphotographed.

The group defines a bin lid stand as "the bin is emptied and replaced back on the kerb in such a manner that causes the lid to open, the bin to lean and catch the edge of its lid such that it is no longer standing upright. Human intervention is not allowed."
It's a proud moment when your two are the only ...

Did you get that? If not, here's a video showing exactly how a bin lid stand can occur... almost.
Bin Lid Stands - Was driving down to the shops. Then this... | Facebook

What a time to be alive.