Maisie Williams has a message for you: Put your rump on Trump!


Donald Trump seems to be the latest addition to Arya Stark's hit list.

The Game of Thrones star would like her fans to #putyourrumpontrump, all in the name of a good cause.

The actress has thrown her support behind Trump Cushions, a whooppee cushion featuring The Donald's shouting face.

This video shows Maisie pretending to peel away her face to reveal Trump's face on the cushion in a reference to her face-changing character in GoT, all to the glorious sound of a deflating cushion.

The cushions are on sale for £5 to benefit causes that "stand to be affected should Donald become the next leader of the free world," including Greenpeace, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the International Medical Corps.

The cushion is described as "a premium prankster product, taking the timeless Whoopee Cushion and emblazoning it with an illustration of Donald Trump's face, where the classic toy's artwork would normally be.

"Having taken much flak for his inflated sense of self, this time the hot air can only be a positive thing, with all proceeds going directly to charity."

You can buy your own here.