'He looks like he wants to scream': Taylor Swift's 4th of July Instagram photo has everyone concerned about Ryan Reynolds


If Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were hoping to break the internet with their first official Instagram snap as a couple, they will be sorely disappointed: all anyone can talk about is Ryan Reynolds and his thousand-yard stare.

Taylor's Fourth of July party featured celebrities galore as the "squad" came out in full force, including Blake Lively and her husband Ryan.

But while all the couples posed, Ryan looked like he would rather be anywhere else. Deadpool? More like dead inside.

There was a lot of concern for Ryan...

...Although some people couldn't help laughing.

Poor Ryan, stuck in the middle of the squad...

Perhaps he was worried that Blake might ask him to replicate Hiddleswift's cringe-y photos with Tom in a "I heart T.S." tank top?

Ryan and Taytay first became friends when the singer was visiting Australia on tour, where Blake was filming The Shallows.

But the woman-heavy squad party seemed to be all too much for Ryan... surrounded by A-Listers, he looked like he would rather be home in bed.