EastEnders fans left guessing after balcony tumble death scene: was it Kathy or Margaret?


EastEnders fans are reeling as the soap faces yet another death - but for now, viewers are left waiting to find out which character met an untimely end.

Tuesday's episode had a surprise ending as villainous Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas) appeared to kill someone by pushing them from a balcony.

But did this lead to the death of his estranged wife Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) - or his sister Margaret Midhurst (Jan Harvey)?

In the run-up to the tragedy, Gavin managed to lure Kathy into meeting him at a mansion. He wanted to convince her to give him a final chance - but then Margaret turned up too.

Things quickly escalated into a fight, and Gavin was soon engaged in a game of hide-and-seek with the two woman as they hid in separate rooms in the mansion.

Margaret turned up - in a similar outfit to Kathy, of course
Margaret turned up - in a similar outfit to Kathy, of course (BBC)

The episode ended as one of the women tumbled from the balcony upstairs. But ... who? Is Kathy dead for good this time - with no chance of coming back from the dead? And did Gavin really do it?

Fans have their theories ...

Although the confusion left some bemused.

The truth will come out in Friday's episode.