Celebs partying in Hyde Park just gave us all our summer wardrobe ideas.


The Serpentine Summer Party Co-Hosted By Tommy Hilfiger - Arrivals

Everyone who is anyone spent Wednesday night at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London's Hyde Park - and their outfits gave us all the fashion inspo we could possibly need for the summer.

While they put on a show of completely contrasting styles and colours, we loved all of it.

There was a touch of the tigress about Arizona Muse's striking pattern and dark lipstick combo...

Arizona Muse.
Arizona Muse (Ian West/PA)

While Bianca Jagger elegantly took inspiration from some of the Serpentine swans.

Bianca Jagger.
Bianca Jagger (Ian West/PA)

Bold eye-liner set off Laura Bailey's strong, slightly gothic, monochrome look...

Laura Bailey.
Laura Bailey (Ian West/PA)

While Maisie Williams blended into the surroundings with her super cute plant prints.

Maisie Williams.
Maisie Williams (Ian West/PA)

Toni Garrn managed (somehow) to rock a daring 80s-style jacket with some kiddy shorts...

Toni Garrn.
Toni Garrn (Ian West/PA)

While the creator of our favourite Romeo and Juliet movie, Baz Luhrmann, kept it simple, with just a pinkish hint of romance.

Baz Luhrmann.
Baz Luhrmann (Ian West/PA)

What were we saying about the 80s? Some big hair and a cool faux-undone-bow-tie from Tamsin Egerton.

Tamsin Egerton.
Tamsin Egerton (Ian West/PA)

And Caroline Sieber showed us that, sometimes, an all-lace overlay really can work.

Caroline Sieber.
Caroline Sieber (Ian West/PA)

If you're going for the floor-length gown, you can go for all-out sparkles...

Lady Victoria Hervey.
Lady Victoria Hervey (Ian West/PA)

Or keep it simple and elegant. Gorgeous.

Matilda Lowther.
Matilda Lowther (Ian West/PA)

Princess Tiger Lily? Boho Tinkerbell? We loved Jackie St Claire's colourful tribute to Kensington's own Peter Pan...

Jackie St Claire.
Jackie St Claire (Ian West/PA)

And the hint of jazz from Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger.
Tommy Hilfiger (Ian West/PA)

Lady Amelia Windsor brought back the clogs to add just a splash of colour to a toned-down dress...

Lady Amelia Windsor.
Lady Amelia Windsor (Ian West/PA)

But we can always rely on Fearne Cotton to brighten up any event with some bold colouring.

Fearne Cotton.
Fearne Cotton (Ian West/PA)

Yes, Calypso Rose. Just, yes.

Calypso Rose.
Calypso Rose (Ian West/PA)

A stunningly ornate two-piece from Winnie Harlow.

Winnie Harlow.
Winnie Harlow (Ian West/PA)

But then, wait, is that supposed to look like...? On your own, Meredith Ostrum.

But we still sorta dig it.
But we still sorta dig it (Ian West/PA)