Sir Patrick Stewart singing country songs is the video you never knew you wanted to see


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Sir Patrick Stewart. British acting royalty, star of screen and stage and... country singer. Who knew it?

This divergence from his usual career is all in aid of charity International Rescue Committee.

In the video, Sir Patrick reveals his surprising vocal talents, singing cowboy classics including Rawhide and Ghost Riders In The Sky.

The green screen really earned its keep on this shoot, transporting Sir Patrick to a range of glamorous locations.

Patrick Stewart super imposed in front of a Sheriff's office (Screengrab/Ethan Eubanks)
He's been to the Sheriff's Office (Ethan Eubanks/YouTube/Screenshot)

You can actually buy the CD with all proceeds to the International Rescue committee.

Unfortunately the double disc is sold out at the moment, but don't worry, you can still purchase a selection of five songs.

Patrick stewart in front of a Christmas scene (Screengrab/Ethan Eubanks)
Looking strangely Christmassy for the man who played Scrooge (Ethan Eubanks/YouTube/Screenshot)

It even has a Christmas song on it!