Lorraine Kelly rushes to help as screaming toddler has a meltdown on live TV


Lorraine Kelly seems to have forgotten an important rule: you should never work with children or animals.

The Scottish TV presenter was drowned out by a toddler as she was trying to introduce a segment on the Lorraine show about a woman who uses her babies to exercise.

Lorraine began: "Now, when you've got children, it's really hard to find time to exercise," but before she could finish, a toddler drafted in to help with the programme began to wail.


"Isn't it? It is. It absolutely is. How about using your kids?" a slightly flustered Lorraine said, before rushing over to try to comfort the child.

"Oh darling! It's okay, it's all right, it's not so bad," she told the red-faced kid, who yelled: "Mummy!"

Much less bothered about the whole thing were the cute kids belonging to Anna Strode, who seemed unfussed about being used as weights by their fitness-devoted mother.