Emma Bunton's son has a favourite Spice Girl - and it's not her!


She was fondly known as Baby Spice, but singer Emma Bunton has revealed her son has a favourite Spice Girl - and it's not her.

The youngest member of the popular girl band said her son, Tate, is a big fan of someone else.

Emma Bunton in Grazia
Emma Bunton in Grazia (Grazia/PA)

She told fashion magazine Grazia: "Music isn't my eldest's thing but my youngest Tate - who is five - is absolutely obsessed with the Spice Girls. I'm not his favourite though, he likes Geri."

Emma, who has been engaged to Jade Jones since 1998, also spoke about meeting singer Prince.

The latest issue of Grazia
The latest issue of Grazia (Grazia/PA)

She said: "It never became normal doing those kind of things, we always really appreciated it. There were so many moments, meeting Madonna, my mum going to get a tattoo with the Red Hot Chili Peppers - bizarre! Prince came to a show and then came backstage and said: 'I've just watched your show, you sang live, I'm so proud of you!'"

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