Mean Girl Lindsay Lohan happy to make amends in Kettering for Brexit tweet


Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan has said she would be happy to turn on the Christmas lights in Kettering after her "fierce and offensive" tweet about the town on the night of the EU referendum.

The American actress, 29, tweeted strong support for Britain to remain in the EU and lashed out at Leave politicians appearing on the BBC's overnight referendum programme.

She also angered some followers by singling out areas of the UK that voted for Leave for criticism, writing: "Sorry #Kettering but where are you?"

Lindsay Lohan (Yui Mok/PA)
Lindsay Lohan (Yui Mok/PA)

Lindsay has now said she would be happy to visit the Northamptonshire town after Commons Leader Chris Grayling, who campaigned for Leave, backed calls for her to turn on the lights.

Tory backbencher Philip Hollobone had criticised Lohan for having "slagged off" parts of Britain which backed Brexit.

Speaking in the Commons, he singled out her "fierce and offensive" tweet directed at his Kettering constituency and asked Mr Grayling to support his invitation for Lohan to visit.

Chris Grayling ( Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images)
Chris Grayling ( Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Tory frontbencher Mr Grayling joked in his reply: "As those of us who have children will know, over the years Lindsay Lohan - as a star of child and teen movies, a very entertaining actress at the time - hasn't necessarily fulfilled her professional potential and perhaps now we know the reason why.

"Had she visited Kettering she might have seen her career turn around and I think the invitation that you have made to her today is one she should accept, she should visit the fine town of Kettering and find herself returned to stardom."

Lindsay replied on Twitter:

A representative for Lindsay has been contacted for comment.