Yvette Fielding says she was nearly killed by a ghost with a crowbar while filming Most Haunted


TV star Yvette Fielding has described how she was nearly killed filming the latest series of her popular programme, Most Haunted.

The former Blue Peter presenter, lately seen on ITV's I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!, has become a well-known face of paranormal TV.

Talking to the Daily Express, she said: "There was an instance when, for some reason, we were all in the same room and we were bickering about something.

Yvette Fielding during I'm A Celebrity  (ITV)
Yvette Fielding during I'm A Celebrity (ITV)

"We were all being very loud. And then, out of nowhere, a crowbar flew past my ear, inches from my head. Everyone was accounted for, there was nobody else in the room, but something threw that crowbar. If it had been an inch closer to my head it would have killed me. It was thrown with violence."

"We all stopped arguing and shut up," Yvette continued. "And we heard whistling from the floor above. And footsteps. Very slowly pacing footsteps. We went upstairs and at the end of the room was the shadow of a figure. But when we went closer, that had gone."

Manchester-born Yvette married her husband Karl Beattie in 1999 following a whirlwind romance. They started a production company and their first success was Most Haunted, which was originally broadcast in 2002.

Yvette Fielding
Yvette Fielding (Ian West/PA)

A long-running favourite, Most Haunted has shot over 300 episodes. Its new series kicks off on digital channel Really on Thursday.

At the time of its recommission, Yvette said: "Most Haunted is a passion for me and being a part of such a great team is a dream come true. Do I get scared on this series? Well, yes ... we all do.

"We have upped the game on this series like never before and moved paranormal programming to the next level and as a result have filmed some of the best activity we have ever encountered."