We can't stop watching this hilarious vine of Michael Gove clapping


You probably never thought you wanted a vine of Michael Gove clapping four different ways in six seconds - but you really do.

It's mesmerising, and we just can't stop watching Gove, filmed at the Conservative Party conference in 2013, over and over again.

To be fair, there are plenty of reasons for Michael Gove to be clapping right now.

First he sent Westminster into a tizzy by announcing his bid for Tory leadership, when everyone thought he would back BFF Boris.

Then Boris declared he wouldn't be standing after all, and everyone said Michael had done a fantastic job of stabbing the former favourite in the back.

Michael Gove (left) and Boris Johnson hold a press conference at Brexit HQ.
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He's now one of the favourites to be our next Prime Minister - pretty good going for someone who was universally disliked as Education Secretary.

So well done Gove, we applaud you.