Little Mix's Jade tweets a beautiful message of support for a young woman she spotted out on a first date


Jade Thirlwall of the girl pop band Little Mix pictured on

Little Mix's Jade posted a beautifully human message onto Twitter, writing of her support for a young woman herself and her boyfriend Jed spotted while on a trip out to The Shard in London.

She wrote of how she and Jed followed the girl and her date out the restaurant and down the lift in a bid to tell her how beautiful she was and to give her a "confidence boost", as they saw she was on a first date and understood that it can be "a bit nerve-racking".

But when it came down to it, Jade "buckled" and couldn't build up the courage to approach the woman, which may come as a surprise to fans who might assume that the girls in Little Mix have all the confidence in the world.

Both Jed and Jade finished the message by wishing the young lady all the best and hoping that the rest of her date goes well.

Fans on Twitter thought it was a beautiful thought.

Now the task lies firmly in the hands of Twitter to track down the unknown woman.