A contestant on The Chase took a minus offer and viewers on social media were not happy


The Chase has sparked an intense reaction from viewers on social media once again after one contestant dared to take a minus offer.

In the popular ITV game show, presented by Bradley Walsh, four contestants work as a team and answer general knowledge questions against the clock in order to win themselves a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds.

But players must ensure they stay one step ahead of 'The Chaser', one of the ruthless quiz geniuses determined to stop them winning at all costs.

Bradley Walsh with Paul Sinha
Bradley Walsh with Paul Sinha (ITV)

In Wednesday's show, contestant Emma went up against chaser Paul Sinha and took the minus offer that would remove £3,000 from the pot.

This infuriated viewers because it's one of the unwritten rules of The Chase - you don't take a minus offer! One angry viewer took the extreme view that Emma should "burn in hell".

In the final chase, the team went on to win a total of £39,000 prize money. Emma, who redeemed herself with some fans in the grand final, walked away with £13,000.

How dare you, Emma!