Is Paul Simon planning to retire?


Paul Simon has hinted that he is getting ready to hang up his mic.

The American singer-songwriter, whose music career started in the 50s, is currently on tour in the US and will be hitting the road in Europe later this year, but suggested to the New York Times that he is considering retiring after that.

"You're coming towards the end," said the 74-year-old.

"Showbiz doesn't hold any interest for me. None."

Paul Simon performing on stage
Paul Simon (Wong Maye-E/AP)

Paul - known for hits such as The Sound Of Silence and Late In The Evening - reflected on his long career in the interview.

He said: "It's an act of courage to let go. I am going to see what happens if I let go.

"Then I'm going to see, who am I? Or am I just this person that was defined by what I did? And if that's gone, if you have to make up yourself, who are you?"

The star got his big break when he was a teenager, forming a duo with his friend Art Garfunkel.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel on stage
Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (Henny Ray Abrams/AP/PA)

He has had a string of successful solo albums, with his latest, Stranger To Stranger, topping the UK album chart this year.