'More can be done' in Glastonbury diversity drive, Laura Mvula says


Laura Mvula has said that "more could be done" to ensure Glastonbury Festival has a diverse line-up.

Organisers have tried to bring on more female artists, including this year's headliner Adele. Laura herself played the Pyramid Stage on Sunday afternoon.

The singer said she was seeing progress - but also highlighted how much further there was to go.

She told the Press Association: "It's kind of wonderful and it's kind of abominable at the same time.

"It's like when a black woman comes up to me and says: 'Girl, the fact that you got your natural hair out, it's amazing.' I'm like, that's great but it's also not at all revolutionary, it shouldn't be in 2016.

"So I'm torn, it's a tug of war thing, but I know that I will continue to appreciate when we are given platforms and to speak out when I don't see it enough, or more could be done. We can always do more."

Laura Mvula at Glastonbury
Laura Mvula (Jonathan Short/AP/PA)

Laura, 30, has recently opened up about the crippling anxiety she has battled.

She last played Glastonbury in 2013, when she says she could barely look people in the face.

She explained: "The difference between this show today and the first time I did Glastonbury: I couldn't look at people while I was performing.

"I think you get used to building up a facade - please make people like me, please let me not do anything to detract from that. But to be able to engage properly now, as painful as it is, it makes life so much more tangible.

"I can make sense of things now, because I'm not as afraid."

She has also appreciated that everyone now wants to open up to her about their own struggles.

Laura said: "Most people have said: 'Oh my God I really struggle with that too, you know?'

"It's made me really open my eyes, like okay, perhaps we need to come together and support one another and find ways to get through."

These conversations are breaking down taboos, she said.

"I think as a society we are coming into an age now where people are done with the whole taboo thing," the singer explained. "We're done with the whole keeping up appearances, keep calm and whatever it is. Yes that's wonderful, but it's not always sustainable."