TV host Susanna Reid responds to 'remain voting little rich girl' Tweet


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Susanna Reid has hit back on Twitter after being labelled a "typical remain voting little rich girl".

The TV presenter was responding to a comment after she posted a Tweet about Ukip leader Nigel Farage and MEP Daniel Hannan.

She tweeted:

Susanna's Tweets following a comment from a user (Twitter/Susanna Reid)
Susanna's Tweets following a comment from a user (Twitter/Susanna Reid)

Her reference to Mr Farage was over comments he made on Good Morning Britain yesterday.

Mr Farage told Piers Morgan and Susanna after the exit vote that it was a mistake for the Leave campaign to have said they would funnel the millions given to the EU every week into the NHS, as they could not guarantee it.

Her response followed a comment on Twitter today from a user who said she was a "typical remain voting little rich girl stamping her feet as she didn't get what she wants".

Her original tweet read:

Another user on the social media platform asked her if she was "still reporting the news or pushing a personal view of the outcome".

She replied clarifying that the tweet referenced two interview clips that had been posted earlier on her timeline.

The former BBC Breakfast presenter received praise from viewers as she questioned Mr Farage on the NHS on Friday.