Lily Allen accused of 'changing her tune' after posting a positive tweet about Brexit


Lily Allen has sparked criticism over a tweet declaring her excitement about Brexit.

Lily Allen ( Joel Ryan/AP)
Lily Allen ( Joel Ryan/AP)

The Smile singer, 31, had previously been a vocal supporter of the Remain campaign on Twitter. She posted the tweet about her stance to her 5.85m Twitter followers on Saturday.

"I'm now quite excited about #Brexit and shift on political climate," she said.

Lily faced an immediate backlash from users of the social media site. A typical accusation was: "You've changed your tune from yesterday."

The Londoner defended her position in a couple of follow-up tweets.

"I'm not saying I wouldn't be happy if we'd remained, not at all," Allen stated.

In response to the many who said she should "stick to music", Lily tweeted: "I didn't say I'd swapped sides."

She added: "I'd still Remain."

The singer is renowned for her forthright views on a wide range of issues.

On the subject of remaining in the EU, she tweeted to implore people to vote.

Lily's tweets also caught the attention of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted about Brexit (Ian West/PA)
Lindsay Lohan tweeted about Brexit (Ian West/PA)

The American was an unlikely Remain commentator as events unfolded on Friday morning.

Lindsay and Lily tweeted negative comments about American presidential nominee Donald Trump and lamented the way the vote was going.