Adele drops lots of f-bombs as she kicks off her Glastonbury set but everybody adores her


Adele's set at Glastonbury opened with Hello and from the moment she opened her mouth, she had everyone in the palm of her hands - despite dropping copious f-bombs.

"Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! This is the best f**king moment of my whole life!" she exclaimed. "Glastonbury means the world to me and I'm not just saying that."

To cheers, the Skyfall singer told the crowd: "The BBC had to give a warning about my potty mouth."

Adele on stage at Glastonbury (BBC Two/screengrab)
Adele on stage at Glastonbury (BBC Two/screengrab)

"Have any of you had to do a piss?" she asked before asking if people needed to do "a s**t". Adele also warned festival goers not to throw urine at her.

The Londoner ordered the lights to be turned up and she cried out in joy when she saw the huge numbers. The Oscar-winner also brought a 10-year-old girl out on stage for an impromptu chat and said she was looking forward to seeing Coldplay.

Fans watching at home and at Glastonbury itself took to Twitter to have their say about Adele.

We love your potty mouth, Adele!